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NJ/NY Gotham FC and Algorand


Gotham FC and Algorand are coming together to create our first #WHATWEDO Purpose-Driven NFT Collection, representing our organizations commitment to core community pillars that embody and support our fans each and every season. By collecting this art you are not only supporting Gotham FC as a fan but supporting our social impact partners who are dedicated to serving under represented communities that are important to the Gotham FC family. To ensure that all fans have an opportunity to participate and contribute, we've teamed up with Eterno Sport an organization dedicated to innovating the world game while support fans through the user experience. Included in each drop will be an exclusive prizes and utilities awarded to fans as a small token of gratitude for your generous contribution to our social impact partners.

The best part is that 100% of proceeds will be donated to our five social impact partners. Gotham FC is eager to utilize this tool to impact our fans and community in a deeper way, which includes our commitment to match a dollar for dollar for the first $10,000 raised. This collection of art will serve as an illustration of how community inclusion can positivity influence change both locally and internationally. We look to support our community partners by using our platform to bring visibility through storytelling to the initiatives that mean most to our fans. We're so excited to continue our journey of building an inclusive and supportive Gotham FC Family, and we hope you'll take the leap and join us on this new and fun ride!


10 | 01 | 2022


NFTs are unique, easily verifiable digital assets that can represent items such as GIFs, images, videos, or in this case a visual representations of our community.

Nope! We understand that creating a blockchain wallet can be intimidating and we want to ensure that all fans can participate. Register at to make your donation and learn a bit more about how NFTs can impact our community.

Eterno Sport are our trusted NFT partners dedicated to innovating the fan experience while also impacting soccer communities that support the world game. Together with Algorand, we will work to bring Gotham FC fans a unique experience through our purpose-driven NFT collection, unlike anything we've seen in sports.

Algorand is the carbon-negative alternative for minting NFTs where a final transaction is roughly 0.0000004 kg of CO2, nearly 8 times less than other blockchains, all with much lower gas fees!

Yes, please click here to learn more about other marketplaces. Go support artists!


Sustainability is rooted in the way the Algorand blockchain functions with improved technology that uses a Pure Proof-of-Stake Protocol (PPoS) built to support scale, open participation, and transaction finality. Not only does this minimize energy consumption caused by the network, but it provides an alternative to the first generation of blockchains that use a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus.

Each final transaction on Algorand is roughly 0.0000004 kg of CO2, in contrast, a Bitcoin transaction emits 338 tons of CO2 and requires more than 2,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity or enough energy to power the average American household for 73 days.

In order to maintain carbon neutrality, Algorand partners with organizations like ClimateTrade to offset any emission gaps, staying transparent in being a truly green blockchain. Algorand commits to continuously improving PPoS performance over time, without sacrificing decentralization to maintain a sustainable example in the industry.

Gotham FC are different from cryptocurrencies because they’re not interchangeable nor are two ever alike, plus each one holds utility for each individual.

Gotham FC ownership is recorded on the Algorand blockchain, think of each entry as your unique digital pink slip.

Great Question! There will be 5 signature NFT drops over the 2022 season, each representing core pillars of Gotham FC and all supporting communities and organization that important to us all.


Amazing news, we do this all for you! If you'd like to locate your wallet in order to view your NFT in a Algorand wallet go to My Profile> Passphrase. Input your 25 word passphrase into you preferred Algorand wallet. We recommend the Pera Wallet.

The easy answer is yes, we love our NFTs experts! If you already have a wallet set up that you'd prefer to use, you'll need to recover the Gotham FC wallet that was created for you and transfer your NFT to your preferred wallet. Good news is that a transfer on Algorand is only .001 Algos which is less then a penny.