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1v1 with Kristen Edmonds: ‘Gotham FC’s Goals Align with Mine’

By Gotham FC, 12/01/22, 10:30AM EST


Soon after signing her two-year contract to join Gotham FC as a free agent, NWSL veteran and New Jersey native Kristen Edmonds took some time to answer questions about what the move means to her, why she chose Gotham FC, and how she likes to spend time off the field.

How would you describe your excitement over coming home to play for Gotham FC and before your family?

I am absolutely thrilled to be coming home! It’s kind of hard to explain what this means to me in words, but to come full circle in my career is amazing. My family has been through all of the ups and downs in my career with me from when I was a little kid and into my professional career, so to be able to play in front of them at home will be amazingly special for me.

How did you inform your family, and what was their reaction?

I had my mom, dad, and brother all on the phone at the same time and I think their first honest reaction was shock! Haha! I’ve been away for so long, and I don’t think they thought I’d make another move in the soccer world. But they are all so happy and proud to be able to support me in my career, and get the chance to watch me take on this new challenge with front row seats. When I told the rest of my closest family members and friends, it was just pure excitement! People are already asking me for more tickets!

Can you share anything from your discussions with Gotham FC that inspired you to commit to signing with the club for the next two seasons? 

It’s no secret that Gotham is building a team to compete for top spots in the NWSL. Their goals for this team line up with goals that I also have as a player and teammate. For me to leave KC, it was going to take something special. I believe that coming home to New Jersey – based on how and what the club is building and will be competing for – made this the right decision and Gotham FC a good fit for me.

Do you have some former teammates on the current Gotham FC roster?

I played with a few, and I am fortunate to be reunited with them. These are players that bring a winning mentality, quality, and experience on the field and I am happy to be alongside them again. Playing in this league for so long and against most of my new teammates, I am happy to now share the field with them. I am looking forward to learning more about everyone, including the new staff, and going to battle with them week in and week out.

You mentioned in the press release about how hard you've worked in your journey all over the soccer world.  Could you share a little more about your style of play, how you are as a teammate, and what your life in soccer means to you? 

I think how I am as a teammate isn’t for me to answer because I would obviously say I’m a great one and willing to do whatever the team needs, which is true…haha! But as far as what soccer means to me, I am extremely passionate about this sport. I love playing, watching, continuing to learn more and improving my game while helping others grow in theirs as well. For as long as I can remember, everything has been about soccer for me, and I’m just going to continue to enjoy this game that I love.

We know you wanted to share a message with your most recent club, the Kansas City Current.

I want to publicly thank the Kansas City Current for the past two seasons. During that time, I’ve grown as a person and player. I have so much respect for my teammates, the staff I worked with daily, the behind the scenes staff, and Chris, Angie and Brittany. What they are doing at that club is changing the women’s game all over the world, and I wish them nothing but the best in the future.

What else can you tell the Gotham FC fans about yourself? How do you like to spend your time when not on the pitch? 

Besides soccer, I am an animal lover. I have two rescue dogs that mean the world to me: Jersey and Bane. I spend a lot of time with them and love to enjoy the outdoors and being in nature. If I am at home and have music on, it’s usually R&B – big Usher fan over here! I love to find small new hobbies to try and just kind of see what sticks. Anything that keeps me active or engaged besides staring at a TV is definitely for me, but don’t get me wrong: Netflix and a little relaxation after a tough training session is always an option. The New York skyline is one of my favorite views, and I’m sure I’ll find some little spots to enjoy a nice book and a tea some afternoons or evenings. I’m also a big family person. I’m really looking forward to having them near and spending more time with my close friends as well.

When you think about your first game at Red Bull Arena in a Gotham FC uniform, what do you envision?

I really am looking forward to playing my first game at Red Bull Arena in the Gotham FC home kit and in my home state. But until then, there is work to be done. That’s where all of my focus is right now. So I honestly don’t know what that first time will look like or how I’ll feel. When we get there, I will freely take in the moment and I’m sure my smile will be from ear to ear. But when the whistle blows, it’s business as usual – and time for this Jersey girl to represent.